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Three Kinds of Methods of Spot, Drag and Pressure Soldering of Automatic Soldering Machine

I. Automatic Solder Press Soldering

Pressure soldering is mainly soldering test requirements of tension, and joint distribution is uniform, no plug-in products can use pressure soldering, soldering or welding if recycled for Tensile Requirements of the product is the best use of automatic soldering machine for soldering, this tension requirements of customers is more secure.

2. Automatic Soldering Machine Soldering

Drag the main welding solder joint is uniform distribution and spot spacing is greater than 0.1mm, such products need to be fixed plug, if two solder joints direct spacing is less than 0.1mm, without a fixed plug, if the use of drag soldering will lead to products even tin, this kind of product used in wave soldering or soldering furnace to the fastest. The advantage of automatic soldering machine is that it can save time and improve efficiency.

3. Automatic Spot Soldering of Soldering Machine

The use of spot soldering is the main product of the solder joint distribution is not uniform or solder joint requirements plumpness high, there is also a solder joint product distribution, but requires that needs to be fixed, one point fixed with solder, this kind of situation the use of high efficiency soldering. The products used in spot soldering are more, because many products have uneven distribution of solder joints, and they have different requirements for tinning.

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