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Chuangwei PCB Separator is complete,directly hit the customer's mind

Nowadays, Chuangwei PCB Separator with high efficiency and high quality has been favored by customers. On the one hand, all major enterprises are facing great pressure on production transformation, and the high-efficiency production of PCB Separator has greatly eased the pressure on enterprises in production. The transformation of enterprises has played a certain role in promoting the other. In terms of PCB Separator's increasingly sophisticated functional design, it has also conquered the discerning appetite of its customers with its own unique production model. Chuangwei PCB Separator is famous for its high efficiency and excellent quality. It has various models and different types of pcb boards. The color of the pcb board is different, and the color is bright and beautiful, which allows enterprises to have more choices when purchasing. Every PCB Separator is produced by the heart and hits the heart of the customer!

The production function is efficient and perfect, and it can reach the rapid and rapid production. This is reflected in the design details of Chuangwei PCB Separator. It has advanced MARK point recognition and correction function, which reduces the cutting errors caused by the split board. Programmable control, CAD-introducing tool path design makes the whole PCB Separator's sub-board function more comprehensive, saving a lot of production costs, improving efficiency and reducing the scrap rate of pcb board. In addition to improving the functional excellence of the PCB Separator, Chuangwei also pays attention to strengthening the production safety index of the machine, fully automatic production, reducing manpower, and avoiding safety accidents caused by various reasons during production. Chuangwei PCB Separator is the most perfect, efficiency and safety can not be less.


The problems of traditional PCB Boards in terms of material, size and structure are not problems in our country. The high-quality imported materials are carefully constructed, and the powerful R&D team is thoughtfully designed. Every function is just right for the customer, to achieve higher efficiency for production, and to reduce the amount of labor for employees.