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Basic Maintenance Requirements for Aluminum PCB Separators

The Aluminum PCB Cutting Machine adopts the latest plate-type lightweight design, completes the micro-shear stress cutting board stroke at one time, and cuts the PCB circuit board and the aluminum circuit board with V-grooves. The product moves along the guide piece, the lower round knife actively rotates, the upper round knife passively rotates, and the quality is guaranteed. Shear stress is minimized, suitable for long strip substrate cutting, and fast. The tool is made of high-speed steel precision grinding and can be used for repeated grinding. The Aluminum PCB Cutting Machine is inseparable from operation and maintenance. Good maintenance can improve the service life of the machine. On the contrary, if it is not maintained, the slower the machine will be used, which will not only affect the normal operation but also cause accidents. Just like the clothes to be worn and washed, we also have to regularly maintain the Aluminum PCB Cutting Machine. Usually, the corresponding PCB Cutting Machine is selected according to the needs of the individual. Because the Aluminum PCB Cutting Machine has many advantages, many advantages, and such extensive application, it is necessary to pay attention to the maintenance of the sub-board during the application. Let's take a brief look at some of the common sense of conservation in the usual use of the Aluminum PCB Cutting Machine. 

1. After using the machine every day, you must do the usual maintenance, and sort out the residue left after cutting. This is to prepare for the next very good cut product.

2. Dust on the outside must be rubbed with a dry rag, and the debris in the package should be removed to keep the blade clean and tidy.

3. The equipment should be cured every week, and the parts inside should be cleaned frequently. During the finishing process, be careful not to let the residue enter the interior.

4. Pay attention to the corresponding maintenance of some aging parts, this is a must.

The above introduction is the common sense for the maintenance of the Aluminum PCB Cutting Machine. In fact, any machine equipment will have a certain degree of aging as time goes by, no matter in the case of squatting, pay attention to the maintenance, avoiding the use of many time points.