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Talking about the important basis of the rapid and sustainable development of the Multi-function Screw Tightening Machine Industry

Now that labor costs are getting higher and higher, many companies are turning to application machines to replace labor, which reduces costs while increasing efficiency. In order to be able to consume more and more products, many companies have begun to use multi-function screw machines. So what are the many multi-function screw machine companies that want to get a quick start? Let's elaborate on this aspect.

The multi-function screw tightening machine is mainly composed of two parts:

1. Sort the screws by the feeding system and distribute the screws through the fire distributor. The pipe sends the screws to the screwdriver.
2. Lock the screw into the lock system of the product by an electric or pneumatic screwdriver. It is related to the operation of the lock screw in one hand, the electric screwdriver or the air batch. The automatic screw feeding machine can liberate one hand and only need one hand to lift the screwdriver to align the screw hole lock screw. When the screw is locked, just lift the screwdriver to the next screw hole lock screw. The machine will automatically lift a screw to the screwdriver when lifting the screwdriver, waiting for the next screw to be locked.
Multi-function screw machine performance:
Multi-function screw machine, which completely overturns the working principle of the traditional screw machine, discards the vibrating plate and pusher, carries forward the advantages of the traditional automatic screw machine, and suppresses all defects, making the automatic screw machine manufacturers more cumbersome, Safe, stable, fast, low noise, low energy consumption.
1. Missing material intelligent alarm function (sound and light prompt).
2. The electric batch kit is made quite small, and it will no longer hinder the workers from operating the field of vision.
3. The weight of the electric batch is quite light, and the worker does not feel bulky when operating.
4. The noise is below 65 decibels.
5. Do not use the vibration plate, so the screw does not vibrate and will not fade.
6. The weight is only about 9 kg, and the handling is quite convenient.
Advantages of the automatic screw machine:
1. Fast, because it saves the movement of the hand, grab the screw, move the screw, align the screw with the screwdriver, etc., there is no waiting time, just align the screw hole lock screw.
2. Clean, because the action of removing the screw is omitted, the secondary pollution of the product and the sweating of the hand will not be caused by the stain generated when the screw is taken by hand.
3. Bento, one hand that can be vacated when screwing to support the product to be locked, such as a small product can also save a positioning fixture (also called fixture).
The above is the introduction of the multi-function screw machine. There are many brands of multi-function screw machines. No matter which kind, the technical level of the machine is very important. I hope that many screw machine manufacturers regard technological innovation as the top priority of development.