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SMT Automated Optical Inspection Systems​(AOI)

SMT Automated Optical Inspection Systems(AOI)

Professionnal AOI Inspection, Automated Optical Inspection,CW-Z588 Feature:

The new structure design is accord with human body engineering.

The software supports the database control, can emote programming and the debugging, and carries on the data collection and the analysis.

The software support for offline programming and off-line debugging.

Single box multi algorithm combination, the programming interface more concise and clear.

The AOI machine can interact directly with NG BUFFER and other machines through the specific communication protocol.

Easy to operate and multi-function AOI

It can be placed at several quality controlling points in SMT line to check 2D paste printing quality,inspect component defects before reflow soldering, inspect PCBA quality after reflip soldering and DIP wave soldering.

AOI after Relow Oven for PCB Assembly PCB Inspection,CW-Z588 Introduction:

New light source design

The Z588 adopts multi angle Light source design , through different angles of illumination to sampling the details of the characteristics of the object to be detected, accurately obtain the assembly and welding information posted element,detected the NG accurately.

Solder ball inspection function

Through the surface color, brightness,solder ball shape and color feature to inspect if there is any solder ball on the PCB. The machine can inspect the solder ball surround the component

also can inspect the whole PCB through the inspection frame.

BGA inspection function

This function used before mounting toinspect if there are insufficient solder,missing ball, solder bridge and so on.

Professionnal AOI Inspection, Automated Optical Inspection,CW-Z588 Sample: