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  • Inline PCB Depaneling Router from Chuangwei,CWVC-F06
Inline PCB Depaneling Router from Chuangwei,CWVC-F06

Inline PCB Depaneling Router from Chuangwei,CWVC-F06

  • Product description: Inline PCB Depaneling Router from Chuangwei,CWVC-F06

Inline PCB Depaneling Router from Chuangwei,CWVC-F06

The CWVC-F06 is a user-friendly and intelligent online circuit board cutting machine equipped with a high-speed CCD vision registration correction device that uses the MARTIN OR algorithm to ensure stable operation at high speed and high accuracy. Using a clean vacuum device, improve the cleanliness of PCBA. Use NSK high-speed spindle, cutting stress is small, smooth edge. Particularly suitable for high capacity, high precision, high demand customers.

Inline PCB Depaneling Router from Chuangwei,CWVC-F06 Specification:

Cutting Speed

0 ~ 100mm / s

Cutting Repeat Ability


Machine Repeat Ability

± 0.02mm

Positioning Accuracy

± 0.02mm

Applicable PCB Thickness

0.3-2.0 mm

Working Range




Vision System

High Resolution Digital Camera

Drive Motor

AC Brushless Servo Motor

Motor Resolution

± 0.01mm

Spindle Speed

Max 60,000 rpm

Air Pressure

Above 4.5kg/cm2

Power Consumption


Dust Collection Methods

under the dust (standard) or on the dust


AC380V, 50HZ

on the Dust Machine Size


Under the Dust Machine Size




Inline PCB Depaneling Router from Chuangwei,CWVC-F06 Features:

1. Use MARTIN OR algorithm

Automatically optimize the cutting path;

Servo error real-time tracking feedback;

Camera fixed-point, positioning axial position compensation.

2. CCD scanning function

The industry-leading full-screen PCBA scanning, changing the traditional visual guidance;

Shorten the programming time, the path of real-time display, easy to modify.

3. Two-dimensional code automatically transfer procedures

Two-dimensional code through the fixture can be transferred directly to the program, convenient, simple, not wrong;

Intelligent switching products.

4. Running error, full monitoring

Cutting process, marking the error real-time recording;

Motion axis error real-time record;

The error value can be set according to the product needs.

5. Cutter intelligent mode:

Adjust the depth of the blade according to the PCB thickness to improve the utilization rate and save the cost;

According to the product needs to define the use of standard milling cutter;

Change the cutter, without redo or modify the program, click the conversion can be achieved.

6. Transfer order mode, automatic cutting

Cutting program with the production model and the number of combinations, based on PMC production plans;

Avoid lead production and production capacity is not clear;

Avoid non-production process modification procedures;

Human-computer separation.

7. Industry 4.0 - MES system

Server data automatically transferred;

Upload machine data and production data

Real-time monitoring of equipment status.

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