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  • Popular Pcb Separator,PCB/Flex Circuit Laser Depaneling,CWVC-5S
Popular Pcb Separator,PCB/Flex Circuit Laser Depaneling,CWVC-5S

Popular Pcb Separator,PCB/Flex Circuit Laser Depaneling,CWVC-5S

  • Product description: Popular Pcb Separator,PCB/Flex Circuit Laser Depaneling,CWVC-5S

PCB Cutter Equipments,PCB Depaneling with PCB Cutting,CWVC-5S Features:

· Pre-camera vision product position registration and model check
· Coherent Avia NX UV laser with HurrySCAN head
· High capacity BOFA dust collector
· User friendly Window based software
· PCB flexible product jig adjustable for different board size
· High resolution and accurate Z stage with auto-focus function
· Large area low friction front loading platform for sliding multiple product jigs
· Fully covered class 1 safety enclosure
· Able to do cutting and marking together
· Compact size
. Neat and smooth edge, no burr or overflow
. More quick and easy, shorten the delivery time;
. High quality ,no distortion,surface clean& uniformity;
. Gathering the CNC tech,laser tech,software tech…High accuracy,High speed

Routing Pcb with Laser FPC Depaneling,CWVC-5S Detailed Product Description:

Product Name:

Laser Pcb Separator


Low Power Consumption.



Laser Brand:



220V 380v


1 Year

PCB & FPC Depaneling,PCB Separator with Laser Cutting,CWVC-5S Specification:


Q-Switched diode-pumped all solid-state UV laser

Laser Wavelength


Laser Power


Positioning Precision of Worktable of Linear Motor


Repetition Precision of Worktable of Linear Motor


Effective Working Field


Laser Scanning Speed

2500mm/s (max)

Galvanometer Working Field Per One Process


Challenges of Depaneling using Routing/Die Cutting/Dicing Saws

· Damages and fractures to substrates and circuits due to mechanical stress

· Damages to PCB due to accumulated debris

· Constant need for new bits, custom dies, and blades

· Lack of versatility – each new application requires ordering of custom tools, blades, and dies

· Not good for high precision, multi-dimensional or complicated cuts

· Not useful PCB depaneling/singulation smaller boards

Lasers, on the other hand, are gaining control of the PCB depaneling/singulation market due to higher precision, lower stress on the parts, and higher throughput. Laser depaneling can be applied to a variety of applications with a simple change in settings. There is no bit or blade sharpening, lead time reordering dies and parts, or cracked/broken edges due to torque on the substrate. Application of lasers in PCB depaneling is dynamic and a non-contact process.

Advantages of PCB depaneling/singulation with CE Certification:

· No mechanical stress on substrates or circuits

· No tooling cost or consumables.

· Versatility – ability to change applications by simply changing settings

· Fiducial Recognition – more precise and clean cut

· Optical Recognition before PCB depaneling/singulation process begins.

· Ability to depanel virtually any substrate. (Rogers, FR4, ChemA, Teflon, ceramics, aluminum, brass, copper, etc)

· Extraordinary cut quality holding tolerances as small as < 50 microns.

· No design limitation – ability to cut virtually and size PCB board including complex contours and multidimensional boards

Working principle :

humidity sensor ( humidity and temperature signal ) → Microcomputer ( CPU Central Processing Unit ) → Heaters  ( PTC heating module polymer material heating ) → Smart shape memory alloy ( alloy shape with temperature change ) → Balance spring ( general balance spring with alloy )

Laser PCB Cutting Application:

FPC and some relative materials;

FPC/PCB/ Rigid-Flex PCB cutting, Camera module cutting;

PCB Depanelize with PCB Laser Cutting PCB Sample Video: