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  • Multi- unit Rotary Installing Screw Machine,CWSD-XY
Multi- unit Rotary Installing Screw Machine,CWSD-XY

Multi- unit Rotary Installing Screw Machine,CWSD-XY

  • Product description: Multi- unit Rotary Installing Screw Machine,CWSD-XY

Multi- unit Rotary Installing Screw Machine,CWSD-XY Feature:

A Provincial Cost: single person can operate efficiently, a person is equivalent to 4 persons efficiency;

(2) High efficiency: automatic feeding, significantly improve production efficiency;

3 Easier: workers required a single piece of equipment people, just completed loading and unloading;

4 Reliability: one day can work 20 hours or more;

5 versatility: For the same lock screw product, simply replace the fixture, lockable different products, through a simple program design, can be put into production, which greatly facilitates the production organization.

6 Quality: Machine standardized operations, to avoid leakage caused by human factors screws fight, fight is not tight and other undesirable, enhance corporate image.

Combination of a: handheld suction lock to pay local or electric screwdriver + = Multipurpose automatic screw supply machine lock automatic assembly machine to pay

An automatic check to pay the screw and precise positioning of objects are locked at the start switch can be realized quickly pay the screw lock;

2 Replace the little accessories to meet different specifications of the screw lock and debug simple maneuverability;

3 ways to pay to upgrade traditional locks, lock pay job to lead the field of automation extends unmanned.

Combination of two: Automatic payment Reclaimer + + program controlled automatic locking stability = + Fast approaching unmanned pay the screw lock

1 screw holes based on random paths, to design programming, according to the set route for automatic feeding and automatic lock to pay;

(2) improve assembly efficiency, can be equipped with two electric screwdriver simultaneously lock pay, and from the high precision;

3 ways to pay to upgrade traditional locks, lock pay job to lead the field of automation extends unmanned.

Combination of three: Automatic Feeding Precision lock + + multi-axis simultaneously pay claw head screw lock pay = the best way to pay for high efficiency lock

1 combines high performance electric or pneumatic screwdrivers, automatic feeding control systems and high-precision screw claw head is made;

2 screw claw head screws according to different shapes designed to address more than 99% of the lock to pay rugged environment;

3 optional electric or pneumatic screwdriver to pay for the lock, which can lock pay 2-8 screws.

Multi- unit Rotary Installing Screw Machine,CWSD-XY Specification:




XY Robot Screw Driving



Application Screw Hear

All Type

Power Source




No-Load Speed


Packaging Details

Plywood case

Multi- unit Rotary Installing Screw Machine with CE Application:

Notebook computers, glasses, mobile phones, LCD monitors watches, integrated board, Sound box, Camera, Toys, small appliance Etc.

Our production flow & Feedback of Client's:

Our best service

1. Engineers available to service machinery oversea.

Engineers are available to be sent to foreign countries to do machinery training and offer technical support.
2. One year warranty for the machines except accessories.

Robust frame construction and Japanese steel blades obtained good appraise and recognized by and oversea clients. We offer parts for replacement under warranty free of charge, clients only need to bear freight charge.

3.Effective customer service.

All of us together are stronger and wiser than any one of us individually. To succeed, we must assume responsibility, cooperate with fellow associates and with departments, effectively communicate with one another, foster enthusiasm and participate in decision-making. To be sea reachable by customers and provide prompt replies to solve their problems and create value for customers.

4. Mature technique & forerunner to process makes high quality machinery.

As largest manufactory in South China, we have 12 years’ experience on PCB separator machines,soldering machines and Pub router machine.

Our R&D team continuously upgrade.

Multi- unit Rotary Installing Screw Machine,CWSD-XY with CE Certification:

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