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New Dual Table Laser PCB Depaneling Machine for Depanelizer Circuit Boards Coming out

New Dual Table Laser PCB Depaneling Machine for Depanelizer Circuit Boards Coming out

1. Description:

Neat and smooth edge, no burr or overflow

Wide application range, including FPC exterior cutting, profile cutting, drilling, opening window for covering, etc.

Laser wavelength:  355nm

Rated power:  10W/15W@30KHz

Galvanometer working field Per One Process: 30 × 30mm

Power consumption for the hole machine:  2KW


2. Features

1). High-precision: Low-drift galvanometer combined with fast ironless linear motor system platform for fast cutting. Keep high precision in micrometers.
2). Easy to learn: Self-developed Windows control system, easy-to-use Chinese/English interface, and friendly Views, powerful and diverse, easy to operate.
3). Intelligent Automated: Using high-precision CCD to automatically locate and focus, positioning is fast and accurate, without manual intervention, simple operation, realize the one-button mode of the same type, greatly improve production efficiency. Automatic galvanometer correction, auto focus, full implementation Automation, using laser displacement sensor to automatically adjust the height of the focus to the table, to achieve rapid alignment, saving time.
4). Suitable for cutting: FPC, PCB, chip cutting, cell phone camera module.
Fragments, layers, blocks, or selected areas are cut and formed directly. The cutting edges are neat, smooth, smooth, and free of burrs.
Overfilled plastic. Products can be arranged in a matrix for automatic positioning and cutting, especially for fine, difficult and complex patterns .
5). High-performance lasers: Adopting solid-state UV lasers from international brands, with good beam quality and focused spot. Small, uniform power distribution, small thermal effect, small kerf width, high cutting quality, etc.


3. Cutting Application

FPC and some relative materials;

FPC/PCB/ Rigid-Flex PCB cutting, Camera module cutting;