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  • In Circuit Test,PCB Testing,Automated Optical Inspection,CW-TB880
In Circuit Test,PCB Testing,Automated Optical Inspection,CW-TB880

In Circuit Test,PCB Testing,Automated Optical Inspection,CW-TB880

  • Product description: In Circuit Test,PCB Testing,Automated Optical Inspection,CW-TB880

In Circuit Test,PCB Testing,Automated Optical Inspection,CW-TB880 Specifications:




Visual identity system

Inspection method

According to the difference in weight imaging data analysis technology, color image contrast, color extraction analysis, similarity, binarization, OCR/OCV, solder ball detection, multi pin analysis algorithm

Video camera

Full digital high-speed color camera, 15 million pixel resolution: 20 microns, /15 microns, /10 microns optional

light source

Ring shaped tower structure, super bright red green blue LED strobe light


40.96mm * 40.96mm




0201 component


Picture processing time


Testing content

Solder paste printing

Whether there is any deviation, less tin, tin, broken circuit, pollution

Part defects

Missing parts, offset, skew, a monument and side, turn pieces, reverse polarity, wrong parts, damage

Solder joint defect

Tin, tin less, tin, copper and other pollution (in line with RoHS lead-free solder test requirements)

Minimum element and spacing can be detected

01005& 0.3mm pitch

Mechanical system

PCB transmission system

substrate fixed mode: bottom-up fixed, thimble function can correct large plate bending. Automatic access plate and automatic width adjustment system comply with SMEMA standard. Track height 900 + 20mm

PCB size

50 x 50mm~510 * 460mm (larger size can be customized according to customer's requirement)

PCB thickness / weight

0.5mm - 3.0mm/3kg

PCB warp age

<2mm (fixture for correction of deformation)

Part height

Top = 30mm, Bottom = 35mm (special requirements can be customized)

Minimum parts


X,Y Platform


AC servo motor system, Camera move in x/y direction (PCBA fixed, it is good for solder paste printing and post patch inspection)

Positioning accuracy


Moving speed


Software system

operating system

Microsoft, Windows7, X64

Identification control system


establish standard image in real time, automatically calculate data and error threshold. Weight imaging data difference analysis technology, learning Ok samples, CAD import, test data, statistical feedback, standard component library function

Operation interface

Graphical programming of the interface, what you see and what you get. Chinese / English


capabilities can be networked with NG terminals and can be checked at REPAIR STATION for maintenance of PCBA errors

Control System

Computer host of control system

Industrial control computer, Intel quad core, CPU, 16G memory, 2TB hard disk

Display output

24 inch LCD widescreen display

Network communications support

TCP/IP and Microsoft network systems

Software central control

supports the central data control, and can remotely determine the test information of multiple devices.


Gas source

0.5MPa, 40cm³/min

Mechanical dimension

131cm(L)*129cm(W)*169cm(H) (height including foot, not signal light, subject to actual size)



Power supply

AC 220V10%, frequency 50/60Hz, rated power 1200W, comes with UPS uninterrupted power supply

Use ambient temperature

10-40 degrees, humidity 30-80%RH

In Circuit Test,PCB Testing,Automated Optical Inspection,CW-TB880 Features

a. 15 Megapixels high speed Industrial camera 7 high resolution lens,to ensure the efficiency and effect of image capture.

b. Graphic programming,the image information generated by the software is what you see, it’s easy to leaning how to programming.

c. The camera can automatically identify the bar code on both side of the PCB and make the corresponding information storage,easy to save and trace the product information,

d. SPC can be carried out which can provide data support for the improvement of quality and process improvement.

e. The machines can real-time monitoring the production line and support offline programming and offline debugging.

f. The software can central control and manage all the AOI machines in the workshop,remote comprehensive review all the testing information.

g. Can concentrated collect the inspection information from all the AOI in the production line, to facilitate the comprehensive management of the whole workshop.

In Circuit Test,PCB Testing,Automated Optical Inspection,CW-TB880 Application:


This function used before mounting to inspect if there are insufficient solder, missing ball,solder bridge and so on


Through the intelligent camera bar code recognition system,automatic read the bar code on the TOP side or BOT side,the bar code information can be selected according to requirements and can be shared,and the data maintenance is more convenient.

In Circuit Test,PCB Testing,Automated Optical Inspection,CW-TB880

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