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  • High Resolution for Automated Optical Inspection,CW-D586
High Resolution for Automated Optical Inspection,CW-D586

High Resolution for Automated Optical Inspection,CW-D586

  • Product description: High Resolution for Automated Optical Inspection,CW-D586

High Resolution for Automated Optical Inspection,CW-D586 Feature:

1. Intelligent double conveyor structure design, the machine with the customer's double conveyor reflow or mounting machine seamless docking, cuts down the consumption.

2.According to the customer's own production demands to choose the double conveyor single vision system or double conveyor two vision system configuration.

3. double conveyor programs can be free to switch & combination to respond to different production needs.

4.Two sets of inspection system can share the database, can output the SPC report.

High Resolution for Automated Optical Inspection,CW-D586 Description:

Easy to operate and multi-function AOI

Different AOI model can be placed at several quality controlling points in SMT line such as to check 2D paste printing quality, check component defects before reflow soldering, check PCBA quality after reflow soldering, and DIP after wave soldering.

Double conveyors design

*The first and the fourth conveyor fixed, the second and the third conveyor are adjustable: the inspection size between:50×50mm~510×280mm .

*Can customize double conveyors or other more functions according to customer's different request

Add professional character recognition function (OCR/OCV) further enhance the testing precision

The new function first potential PPK analysis process and statistical analysis P-BAP chart can get offset value after reflow, which provide accurate effective reference material for process improvement.

Both double conveyors single head and double heads AOI are pioneered by us

*Both double conveyors single head and double heads AOI are pioneered by us, which can joint with other front and rear equipment in SMT seamlessly, save load and unload time to carry out continuous operation to improve productivity

*Meanwhile, this equipment can choose a variety of light source using high-speed digital camera to achieve the highest detective capability. This can be placed in multiple stations of SMT line for inspecting such as after print, before reflow and after reflow.

Offline Debugging

The offline programming software can connect multiple online testing AOI and carry out program debugging without halt to improve efficiency.

Database sharing and statistical functions

All internal AOI are managed via central server, all single machines are in remote control. SPC reports will be generated through collection and analysis of all data to promote process improvement and improve products passing rate.

Detailed SPC Analysis Report

To generate a variety of visual reports through analysis and statistics from testing results of all products.

High Resolution for Automated Optical Inspection,CW-D586 Specification:




Recognition System


Using multiple algorithm synthetically such as WIDM, Color Image contrast technology, Color extracting technology, similarity, two-value handling technology, OCR/OCV, Solder ball inspection, PTH analysis  and so on.


Dual Distal and high speed color CCD camera Resolution: 20 um(15um,12um,10um for option)


Dual Ring tower structure, high intensity RGB flash lamp-house

Image Processing Speed

0201 Chip


Per-image Time


Inspection Item

Paste Printing Defects

Misaligned, overflow, insufficient, pasting open, stain

Components Defects

Missing, shift, skewed, tombstone,billboard, overturned,reversed polarity, wrong, damage

Solder Defects

Overflow, insufficient, short solder, stain

Wave Solder Inspect

Overflow, insufficient, short solder, excess solder, solder void

Mechanism System

PCB conveyor

Dual conveyor & dual visual control system. Two different PCB move into the conveyor and inspect simultaneously. Automatic PCB loading and unloading, Adjustable clearance, Conforming SMEMA standard. Conveyor height: 900±20mm

PCB sizes

The PCB size in two conveyors: 50×50mm - 500×260mm, can make bigger size according to clients’ demands

PCB Thickness

0.3mm – 3.0mm

PCB Warp tolerance


Component clearance


X,Y platform & Z axis


AC server



Moving Speed


Operation System

Microsoft Windows 7*64

Controlling & Recognizing


Dual conveyor dual inspection system, can seamless joint with the high-speed dual production line. Set template images real time, count data and error gate value automatically. Multiple marks correction, input CAD date locate the templates automatically, the operator can combine algorithms according to the requirement.


Graphic programming, Chinese, English

Offline Programming

Offline programming and Offline debugging


NG adaptable, check and correct PCBA defects at repair station



CPU:Intel dual-core, Memory:16G, Hard disk:1TB


23 inch TFT

Multi Machine Control

The operator can control multi same machines in the control terminal


Machine Dimensions(L*W*H)




Power Supply

AC220V, 10%, single phase 5A 50/60HZ, power consumption 1200W with UPS inside

Working Environment

Temperature10-40℃, humidity 30-80% RH

Air Supply

4-6 bar

About us:

Dongguan ChuangWei Electronic Equipment Manufactory was founded in 2004,is located in the world manufacturing city Dongguan,Guangdong,China. The company is committed to development,manufacture,sales and service for professional pcb separator/pcb depanelizer electronic equipment machinery. The company has advanced production and processing equipment and an experienced development and manufacture team, half of them have over 10 years experience in electronic equipment industry.

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